The SFPD Recruitment Unit is here to help you get to where you want to be: Become a San Francisco Police Officer! From getting your questions answered to getting test prep help, we are here for you every step of the way! Give us a call or email us. We have also compiled a list of more that can prepare you for the phases of the testing process.

NTN Written Test + NTN Practice Test

SFPD is currently hosting a NTN Webinar! NTN is a video-based system that assesses skills needed to be a law enforcement officer. The content areas include teamwork, human relations, reading and writing ability. This webinar will help you become familiar with the NTN format.


The San Francisco Police Department is hosting workshops for the California P.O.S.T. PELLET-B exam. There are also extra resources to help you prepare for the test.

PELLET-B Prep Classes And Zoom Webinars

Join Stevie Daniels as she takes participants through an entire practice POST Pellet-B Exam. All five parts of the exam are covered and focus especially on grammar, reading, and the close test. Participants in her earlier webinars will want to come, as this is the follow-up workshop to those webinars. All are invited to attend, whether they have been to the first webinar or not. Break-out rooms will be part of this webinar, allowing students to work on each part of the exam together. For more information or if you have any questions, email Stevie Daniels at


PELLET-B Practice Test 

Click here to open the practice test.


PELLET-B Exam Study Resources

Click here to open the study resource.


PELLET-B Pre-recorded Webinars

Click here to view webinars.


Monthly PELLET-B Workshop Webinars

Click here to sign up.


PELLET-B Preparation book

This book covers the PELLET-B Study guide, full length practice test, step-by-step review, and video tutorials for the California Post Exam.

Click here to purchase the book.


SFPD Practice Physical Ability Test (PAT) Sessions

SFPD is currently holding Practice Physical Ability Test (PAT) Sessions. Practice tests are for candidates in our testing process! These sessions will help prepare for the test. You will be practicing with others and with the SFPD Recruiters.

SFPD Oral Interview (OI) Prep Sessions

SFPD also provides “Mock Oral Interview” sessions. These sessions can help build confidence in public speaking. They also help prepare for the Oral Interview. You will be practicing with other applicants and with the SFPD Recruiters.

SFPD Workout Sessions

The San Francisco Police Department hosts Workout Sessions. This is a great opportunity to come workout with police officers and learn how to build endurance for the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) and the Academy. Please join us for a great workout!

Scheduling Your GED Test 

You can schedule your tests one at a time, or take up to all four at once. If you need a testing accommodation, you can request one before scheduling your test.

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